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Willow Twin Cricket



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Willow Twin GOLD - English Willow Cricket Bat

Weapon of Zeus

'Master of thunder, commander of lightning. Gold is the crown of the King'

Introducing the Willow Twin GOLD cricket bat, with improved specification and design for 2023 to provide the ultimate in performance and style. Expertly crafted by our elite master bat maker in Kent, England, each bat is individually handmade from cleft to final bat using only the finest Grade 1+ willow.

The result is a stunning piece of english willow that boasts both aesthetic beauty and exceptional performance. We have designed our signature GOLD model to provide a huge, all-encompassing driving area created by a fullness which runs right from the shoulder down into the toe and traditional pressing. The edges are slightly rolled to ensure the perfect balance of control and power.

The bat is beautifully finished, making it a true work of art.

Our signature bat, handcrafted by our master batmaker:

  • Available in only our premium English Willow Grade 1+ with feather light pick up
  • Traditional rounder face with profiled pressing
  • Classical bowed pressing, rerunning through the driving area with sculpted profile sanded for fullest back
  • Fuller right through the edge to the shoulders with concentration of wood in middle and edges
  • Deep, long bow with mid to low driving area and sweetspot
  • Angled toe for yorker protection and traditional oval handle for comfort
  • High class gold decals for a stunning final finish
  • Highest quality of English cricket bat craftmanship: Each Willow Twin Gold is individually handmade, with CNC-free manufacturing and individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat

Experience the pinnacle of class and quality with the Willow Twin GOLD. Order yours today and take your game to the next level and experience the power of the King!


We recommend thoroughly knocking-in your cricket bat prior to use.


A proportion of your purchase, through our partnership with The Change Foundation, will empower disadvantaged young people by giving them the opportunity to participate in the game we love. 


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Our promise when you purchase a bat.

All our bats are handcrafted to provide the ultimate in aesthetics and performance. They are professionally crafted from the highest quality English willow.

We understand that choosing a bat is an individual process. If you have any questions or require pictures of specific bats or models then please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will endeavour to help you.